Happy New Year 2014

A very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year to all of our friends, family and followers, from the Trawler Beach House. We apologize for the blog being a little behind in our posting. The holidays and work stuff seems to have gotten in the way. Susan is currently working on our third anchorage book. We promise to get all caught up in the next two weeks. Chuck and Susan


  1. Great looking boat! My husband and I along with another couple bought a 1977 34 ft Marine Trader in Sep. We have a lot of work to make her pretty again but look forward to reading your blogs to learn more about the boat. Thanks for posting them.
    Pat from cold, snowy Kingston, Ontario

    1. Thanks Pat. Glad we can be helpful. We don't envy you this winter although it isn't very warm here in north Florida right now. Good luck with the new boat and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Chuck


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