A Photo Tour Of The Okeechobee Waterway

Several of our followers have ask for more photos of our trip across the Okeechobee Waterway from Stuart, Florida to Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Rather than try and post the individual photos, we took lots, we hope this slide show will give you a sense of the spectacular scenery along this seldom traveled jewel. We do warn you, there are lots of photos so give yourself enough time to enjoy them. Then drop us a comment here and let us know what you think. Come along and enjoy the ride.


  1. HI Chuck & Susan: Sure did enjoy the photos!Looks like a great trip.I always read every post you make!Thanks,Bill Smith

  2. Thanks Bill, the kind words are always appreciated. It was a great trip, but maybe a little faster than we would have preferred. Glad you liked the photos. Chuck and Susan

  3. Hi Chuck and Susan,

    I was helping a friend take his Columbia 34 to Indiantown and locked through St Lucie with you. I borrowed a couple of the photos of us and I hope you don't mind. I enjoy your blog.

    s/v Beach Cruiser

  4. Barry, We do remember you and the boat. Don't mind at all that you "borrowed" the photos. Enjoy. Chuck

  5. A million comments and questions:

    1. Pictures. First, thanks for taking so many. I've always wanted to do Okeechobee, may still get to, but still working feverishly in our regular jobs. Repeat - thank you for taking so many, they really tell a story.

    2. The water level. Will it continue to go down? It looks horribly sad to see boats out of the water and dirt where should be tide. Will it only take a hurricane or extended (Noah) rain?

    3. Mustache. Ha ha - our boat, a sistership (cousinship?) Marine Trader, has the same. Neuse River NC is our stomping grounds. I use a little lemon spray, seems to work. Still gets brown. Not sure about the effects on the finish though. But glad to know I'm not the only one.

    4. Alligators. Wow. Hadn't seen those before. Nice shots. Maybe dumb question, but how aggressive are they? Thanks for the pictures on those. Hope you have all limbs intact.

    5. Your fiberglass. Looks impeccable. Really nice. I've been lamenting ours because of spider cracks, pings, chips, etc. Plus a couple bad areas on the non-skid. I am rooting around in your blog and some others for repair tips, but I think I may defer to an experienced professional. Probably this winter layup. 25-year-old Trader, so balancing getting the best job, personal time, experience, and cost. Hints welcome. But yours looks great. Very jealous.

    6. Saw the camel - Thanks!

    7. Florida is beautiful. Grew up in the summers at my grandparents' place near Crescent City and St Johns River. Thanks for all the pictures again.

    8. Would you try Cuba in the Trader? Or would the single-screw discourage you?

    Last comment. I know writing is your profession, but nevertheless thanks for the extensive blog. It's a joy to read and learn from. We're still learning our boat after a year and your blog has been a big encouragement. Best of luck and thanks for all the posts and pictures.



  6. First, let me say I applaud your enthusiasm and it always makes us happy when someone gets something positive from the blog. We were ask so many time for lots of photos we had to do the slide show.

    The lake has actually gone down even further since we transited and some of those shallow spots may not be passable for even us now. The levels will rise again if the rainy season ever kicks in again, OR we have a tropical system over the Lakes watershed. And that is the key, the rains must be in the right place. This has happened before and will happen again.

    We have seen Alligators from the Carolinas to Florida and along the Gulf Coast. They generally stay away from humans unless someone does something stupid. Most of the time we see them lounging in the sun and they hightail it when they see us.

    Our fiberglass does need some work also and we are thinking about a paint job in the near future. We painted our previous sailboat from the waterline to the masthead with AwlGrip and I did it myself. It does take a lot of prep work and you need to know the system you are working with. I do this for a living. The AwlGrip won't stain like the gelcoat does. We use a product from Home Depot called Rustaid, used for removing rust stains, to take off the mustache and it works miracles. Any time we run through water with tanic properties we get it.

    We would most certainly take the boat to Cuba, it is not a lot further than the Bahamas. We sailed Cuba in our sailboat and plan a return as soon as it is legal for us to do it or we get another chance to do a journalistic assignment. Thanks again. Chuck and Susan

  7. Great photos. We are heading that way next month. Hope to enjoy it as much as you did. Don and Silvana.

  8. Don and Silvana, We hope you have a great trip. My advise would be go slow and enjoy it as much as you can. We may be in Fort Myers so give us a holler if you pass through. Chuck and Susan

  9. I have been across twice (from West to East), and once this year as far as Cleweston from Fort Myers Beach. I am an old River Rat at heart, so I always enjoy the river, lake and the locks.I boated on the Ohio for some 25 years and locked through at Markland Locks and Dam quite often. They had a 600 foot auxulary chamber and the 1200 foot commercial lock. I did like the floating pins in the Ohio River system. Great pictures!!

    1. That sounds wonderful, those are the experiences we are looking forward to. Our Bahamas trip is just a warm up for the Great Loop. Chuck


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