Our Navigational Notices and Other Work Related Stuff

We haven't been totally neglecting Beach House, but W-O-R-K has been interfering with our boat work a little. Our new projects for Marinalife are coming along nicely. We have quite a few Navigational Notices and Alerts posted that cover the eastern U.S. coast from Maine to Florida and the Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and inland Waterways that include the Great Loop Route. We have even posted a few from the west coast, but not as extensive as the rest. We are also putting together cruising itineraries based on some of our previous cruises that include marina stops and anchorages for a leisure cruise south on the ICW, with stops at about every 50 miles. We will have another cruise template for the ICW from the Georgia border to the Florida Keys, but that will probably not be up for another week. If anyone wants to receive my Navigational Notices, you can go to the Marinalife website and register, and then sign up for whatever areas you want on your dashboard page. It is all free and I send out the Notices as soon as I receive and verify them. They can be read on the website or sent right to your email box. The notices are also linked to our Nautical Chartviewer so you can see the exact area where the notice is posted.

We have also done a few articles for Marinalife Magazine and Susan has an article that has just been picked up by Cruising World. We've compiled many of our anchorages and included them in the Marinalife Chartviewer, plus we have an article for anchorages along the ICW that we will be posting later. Keeping up with all of our other writing has kept us off the blog for a while, but we will make it up soon. Besides working to build the cruising Kitty, we are renovating the flybridge and will post on that as soon as we're a bit farther along. Our plan is to replace the old fiberglass seats, Awlgrip areas we have not done yet and redo the non-skid on the decks. It's still a work in progress, but we are moving along.

We are in our third marina since we arrived in south Florida. We have always wanted to be able to sample different locations rather than just park in one spot as we have often done. Being able to do this is not only fun, but it lets us feel more like we are still boating rather than just sitting and working. More on that later too. The big projects are yet to be done. The autopilot will be next after we finish the flybridge. After that, and a few smaller things, we will tackle the generator. So stick around and sign up for Marinalife updates through email or RSS feed, and we will keep on keepin' on.

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