Aqualarm Flow Alarm Failure And More Problems With Moeller Marine Products

In preparation for our current cruise, one piece of safety equipment we installed was a raw water flow alarm made by Aqualarm. The alarm is attached to the intake for the raw water to the engine and, in theory, will sound an alarm when the flow stops to the raw water pump. We wanted this installed to give us a heads up that there is a restriction in the water line or some other problem BEFORE the engine overheats, causing possible severe issues and major expense should there be an overheating problem. In a little more than 12 months we noticed that the alarm was no longer working. It generally sounds when turning on the ignition key at start up. The sensitivity is adjusted by sliding a sensor back and forth along a plastic tube plumbed into the water intake. There are no moving parts involved. After trying to do some adjusting, it was apparent the sensor had failed. We contacted Aqualarm and noticed first of all that they have totally redesigned the flow alarm and it now has a paddle wheel instead of a sensor. Their response to me was that they redesigned the unit because of problems like the one we are now having. But the rest of the response was pretty much, "that's too bad, buy another one." I doubt seriously that I will buy another piece of equipment from a company that made an inferior product and when it fails, tells customers that it's tough luck, we're not going to help. So we'll be looking for a replacement from another manufacturer that builds a better quality product and is more responsive to customer problems.

In a previous post we did a review of some products we had purchased made by Moeller Marine Products. That review can be found here, . Unfortunately we had to buy a couple of 5 gallon gas tanks so that we could carry additional gasoline for the dinghy and these were all that was available at the time. In a matter of months, both of these gas tanks developed a serious split in the plastic near the top of the tank. This wasn't near any seams, so it was a surprise to us. The spit allowed gas to leak out of the tank onto our deck. Had we not been around the boat, this could have been disastrous. After our experience and that of other boaters we have talked to, we urge everyone to avoid Moeller Marine Products, especially those that carry fuel. Consider the consequences. These products are carried at almost every marine supply store, including large chains like West Marine. It's our hope that these reviews will help others avoid the problems we have encountered.


  1. Good afternoon Chuck. Looking forward to discussing this as well. The jerry can pictured is made by a company that is no longer in business, Blitz, due to a bankruptcy. This is not a Moeller can nor does Moeller manufacture jerry cans.

    1. Mike, Your correct and I do apoligize for the wrong photo, we used a stock photo. I will correct that. but you state Moeller doesn't manufature jerry cans. Can you clarify this link from the Moeller website? You will have to copy and past since these comments don't allow hot links, . I look forward to speaking with you.


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