The Survey.

The survey was just completed on the new trawler today and all went well. We found a surveyor Named Bob Dolce from Hilton Head that is both experienced and very knowledgeable and has intimate knowledge of the Marine Trader line and has been familiar with the boats since they were first imported and sold. We were very fortunate to find him. He was able to immediately go to the usual potential problem areas and recognize the correct repairs and upgrades that have been done on the boat. He will also be able to best establish the correct value of the boat instead of just using the WAG method ( wild ass guess) that many surveyors use for older boats.

There were no surprises and things turned out pretty much as we expected. The boat is 28 years old and will need some of our special care and consideration but nothing drastic. Most of the needs are cosmetic and even those are not critical.

We can work on certain items at our leisure and still enjoy the boat. And of course we will be adding a lot of new equipment and posting our progress and how we did it. While the boat was hauled out for the survey we decided to go ahead and have the bottom painted, since it was in need. This is a radical change for us in boating style so we thought a radical change in name was also warranted. The new boats name is "Beach House". We thought it fitting after considering quite a few names. We will be setting up a new site for the new boat and will post it here when it is ready. It will be as great and informative as Sea Trek's and we plan to leave this site up for everyone to enjoy as long as folks continue to visit. There is still lots of good information here for those seeking it. We hope you all will enjoy and visit both sites.

Our boat delivery should start in the next couple of days and we plan to post our progress here also, so stay tuned.

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