Fire Extinguisher Recall

We just came across this recall notice for some Kidde Fire Extinguishers. Please click on the link and check to be sure you do not have one on board


  1. Chuck,
    I have a suggestion.
    Putting a date on your post would be very helpful especially on recall notices.

    People like me who just started reading your web page in 2011 have no idea when you posted the recall notice.

    Thank You

    William B Kelleher

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Bill, and I sure can do that. I guess I haven't paid much attention to it because Blogger used to date everything. Either they stopped or something has changed in my settings. But I will do that in the future. According to the link in the posting to the recall notice, it was posted by Kiddie in March of 2009. But the fire extinguishers that are part of the recall may very well still be out there. Chuck

  3. Thank You Chuck. :))

    Bill Kelleher


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