A Short Cruise on the St. Johns River

A weeks worth of great weather was all the excuse we needed to get out of the slip and do some cruising on the St. Johns River, south of where we have spent the winter. What a spectacular trip it turned out to be. The weather was perfect and the river is beautiful. This was also a good opportunity to do a shakedown cruise before heading out again for some serious time on the water. We wanted to check out some of our anchorage information for the ICW book and just enjoy some time on the boat. It also allowed us to do some experimentation with our new video camera. We left Satsuma around noon, dropped the hook for the night at Lungren Island near Astor, and continued on the next day to Sanford. A couple of days at Monroe Harbor Marina gave us enough time to explore the town and enjoy the hospitality of the marina. Sanford is a very nice historic waterfront town with lots of shops, restaurants and art galleries. On Saturday, there's a small local farmers market with fresh veggies, crafts and food vendors. Here's a rough video of the cruise on the river.

Downtown Sanford...


  1. Love the video!! Well done. Like the way you point out anchorages...docks...etc!!
    Would love some narration!! Keep up the excellent work.
    George and Donna Routt

    1. Thanks, it's a work in progress. The narration is something we need to fix. The sound pick up from the camera isn't very good unless your right on top of it. We will need the cables for an external mic. Next time we will try to mix sound with our digital recorded and see how that works. We will try and improve as time goes on. The feedback is much appreciated.

  2. 16.05.22
    Chuck and Susan...A pleasure to revisit this posting. Your descriptions and still photos are so enhanced with the video!

    Tight Lines!

    Alan V. Cecil
    Hampton Roads


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